Memorial Bench Program

Comfortable, contemplative benches as a lasting tribute to family and friends who so enjoyed the nature trails, the seasons and the good old-fashioned peace and quiet of our conservation lands are now available from the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation.

Public resting benches with a memorial plaque are a well-established and publicly-appreciated way to express your esteem and sympathy. We see them in cities and parks all over the world in honour of people who have enjoyed the natural places in which the benches are placed. You and the family have a favourite natural place…well just think about having your own special bench to look forward to!

These six-foot long, sturdy, Canadian-made benches in two styles can be installed permanently in any of the established conservation areas and many parks of your choice in the valley. Each bench features a commemorative plaque with the name of the honoured person and a few words from the family.

Comforting to the family…absolutely. But also very valuable to a whole range of new people, young and old, who will use the parks and conservation areas every day well into the future. Your family gift quickly becomes a benefit to the entire community as our public spaces are cared for by future generations of users. These benches are a long-lasting legacy indeed.

Making a gift of a memorial bench is simple. Just fill out the information on the brochure attached here, or simply call us and we’ll take it from there. More information at 613-692-3571 ext. 1124 or 1-800-267-3504 ext 1124 or




Option 1 Bench with back

Option 2 Bench (seat only)

What we offer:

Option #1: Standard Park Bench with Back

Hot-dipped galvanized frame
Long-lasting resin seats and back
Mounted in formed cement pad base
Includes mounted 3x6 inch memorial plaque
All-Canadian materials & production
Includes charitable tax receipt and notification letter to the next of kin
In your choice of conservation area if possible
Cost: $1,500

Option #2: Standard Park Half-Bench (seat only)

All the same features as the Standard Park Bench except no back
Cost: $1,250

* All benches come with a three-year warranty of care and maintenance including one replacement of a plaque if it goes missing for whatever reason.

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For more information on the Memorial Bench Program, please call or write at 613-692-3571 ext 1124 or

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