Memorial Tree Planting Program

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Trees Help People Cope…

The idea of peaceful natural areas, forest walks and lots of lovely mature trees help people cope with the pace of modern life and with difficult family times.

At times of loss, the stability of living trees gives peace to the family and long-lasting satisfaction to the many people who will enjoy and care for the trees in the decades to come.

The Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation offers a Memorial Tree Program in memory of departed loved ones or friends. We can plant seedlings on your behalf which will gradually take their place, without inscription, in a vibrant new forest of the future.



Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation
has planted Memorial Trees in memory of:

Arjun Aggarwal
Chris Allen 
Savinder Kaur Aujla 
Sharada Avunje 

Eloise Babington
Marty Baechler
Geoffrey Ball
Jordan Markus Barnes
Michel Beland 
Dr. John Bennett
Robina Bennett 
Belisario Bernabei
Christopher Berwald
Gerald Bertrand 
Charles and Olive Biggs
Anne Blaiklock 
Martin Bliss 
Kenneth Haydn Bowler 
Mr. Buckland
Jeff Burgoyne 
Russell Butler
Bronwyn Buttigieg 

Leona Cairnie 
Ida Campbell
Pierrette (Lacasse) Campbell
Ann and Rick Carpenter
Diane Marie Carvish 
Anne Marie Chassie
Myrna Kathleen Cinnamon
Bill Cleghorn
Lauren Clement  
Eva Corbeil
William (Bill) Corbett
Alex Cross 
Anne Crowder 
Keith Crowe
Nazario Curbelo 

Lillian & Herman Dardick
Liane Généreux Dastous
Finnegan David
Tom Donoghue
Leo Dooley
Wilmer Dueck 

Helen Ells 
Amable & Albertine Essiembre
Margaret Etienne

Thelma Ferguson 
Lloyd Fleguel
Joseph Z Fller 

Josef and Katherine Focht
Heather Geddie
Donald Goddard 
Gilling Goddard
Raeanne Godding
Patricia Godin 
Winston Godkin
Midge Gordon
Gary F. Grant
Darcy Green 
Judith Greenshields
Paul Greensides

Laura Hanna
Cathy Hanson
David Hare
George Stevenson Hart
Neil & Lois Henry
Mary Higdon 
Dr. George Hobson 
Teresa Catherine Howard 

Mr. Jacobs
Kenneth Jimmo
Ahamed Jhan & Zulla Ahamed Jhan
Patricia John
Alex & Marjory Johnson 
Dorothy (Bette) Johnstone
Dorothy Jones
Jocelyn Jones 

Gail Elizabeth Keber
John & Tiffany Keeler
Sarah & John Kerr
Rita Kiley 
Alex Kirkland 
Urszula Kubasiewicz 

Arthur Laflamme
Elias Legault
Stephen Lalonde
Raymond Pierre Lapointe
Sherri Leeder
Hélène Tremblay Lirette 
Bonnie Logan 
Fred Lougheed
Larry Vaughn Lowe


Bernice MacDonald
Donald I. Macdonald
Bruce MacEachern
Don Maciver
Gladys Hellen MacKay 
John MacLaurin 
John Myles MacMillan
Barb MacPherson
Leo Maisonneuve
Elsie Marcon (nee Malani)
Henry Marshall
John Masters
Lance McCooeye 
Jacqueline Legendre McGuinty
Bernie McGuire
Norman McKay
Mabel “Jackie” McKeague
Barry McQuay 
Nathaniel J.A. Meissner
Trish Menchini
Ute Merritt 
David M. Merry
Sidney Charles Mooney 
Edward “Ted” Moffatt 

Gabriel Nault
Ed Nixon
Shirley Noah 
Glenn Nobes

William Arthur Oikle 
Elinor Saoirse O'Leary
Clarence O'Meara
Yvonne Anne (Bray) O’Neill 
Jane Ormerod
Murray Ouderkirk 
James J. Ovens

Duncan Stewart Paisley 
Damodar Panday 
Gaéten Paré
Judith Patterson
Dr. Brian Peart
Charles Joseph Pedlar 
Michael H. Pineau
Mirdza Poruks 
Melford Prince

Ken Quon 

Zacharie Raizenne 
Charlotte Reed
Robin Richter
Mike Robinson
Janet Ann Watson Rolland 
Mary Frances Rolland 
Ione Rooney 
Gwendolyn Rossiter 
Dan Roy 
Blair Rutherford

Mary Margaret Saunders
Erin Christine Savage
Leslie John Ferguson Savery
Corky Sawyer
Jaya Anita Spencer Saxena 
Percy Sentner
Baby Shaw 
Jean Shepherd 
Joan Ruth Shorey
Audrey R. Slider
Josiah Jacob James Somerton
Jean Sorensen 
Barbara Eileen Sorfleet
Konstantinos Spiropoulos
Patrick Stacey 
Mark Stanton 
Verna Muriel Steele
Domenic Stranges 
Ben Strottman 
Mary Surtees 

Terry Triemstra
Robert "Bob" Trudel 
Henry David Turner 

Neil and Margaret Waterhouse
Joseph and Jacoby Weiler 
Jim White
Monica B. Whittingstall
Paula Willette 
Gary Winkler
David William Woodland 
Lisa Woodrow-O’Connor 
Florence Wordock

Philip Yates

What we offer:

Planting Memorial Trees

Single native tree

— planting and tending in the Rideau Valley
— includes charitable tax receipt, sympathy letter to the family
— cost: $25

Small grove (five trees)

— planting and tending in the Rideau Valley
— includes charitable tax receipt, sympathy letter to the family
— cost: $100

Large grove (10 trees) — planting and tending in the Rideau Valley
— includes charitable tax receipt, sympathy letter to the family
— cost: $150

Family forest (25 trees)

— planting and tending in the Rideau Valley
— includes charitable tax receipt, sympathy letter to the family
— cost: $250

* all Memorial Trees are planted without name plate or planting
location identified


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