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With your goodwill some things can last forever!

There are some things in life that most of us agree should never change … like peaceful natural areas, for example, away from the hustle and bustle of today’s modern city life. Forest walks, public beaches, outdoor lessons for kids, safe havens for birds, fish and wildlife and healthy rivers and lakes.

Since 1970, the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation has protected these places and opportunities — places of natural beauty, environmental value and spiritual replenishment. The Foundation needs your help to keep our environment clean and healthy. We rely on the goodwill of individuals who believe that some things in life should never change.

Your gifts are used . . . in many different and important ways. You can give to the Williams Water Endowment Fund, the Conservation Areas Fund, and the Land Donation Fund. Gifts of money, property or in-kind services are greatly appreciated. All gifts are important and all gifts receive a charitable tax receipt. And, most importantly, all gifts help us plan for the future so that the things you value will never change.

There are many ways you can help support our environmetental work.


Williams Water Endowment Fund

The Williams Water Endowment fund is all about protecting water in the Rideau Valley. Some uses for the Fund include:

— monitoring of water quality and water quantity
— researching how surface water and groundwater interact
— promoting natural shorelines
— educating school children and the public about the vulnerability of water
— researching the local effects of climate change
— demonstrating natural shoreline erosion control
— getting water information into the hands of municipal decision-makers
— developing protection measures for the watershed

Your gift to the Fund will go on working for clean water year after year since only the Fund's interest is taken and used for water protection purposes. The capitol remains in the Fund and, augmented with new gifts, keep on serving the needs of Rideau Valley people for many years to come.

For more information on the Williams Water Endowment Fund, contact us or download the Williams Water Endowment Fund brochure.



Environmental Land Fund

More and more families and individuals are considering giving their land to the Conservation Foundation to keep it undeveloped and in a natural state forever. We are glad to receive these gifts, especially ecologically sensitive areas like shorelines and wetlands, but each gift has a hidden cost of many thousands of dollars in surveying, land appraisal and legal fees. This fund helps take care of these costs and brings important pieces of environmental land into public ownership.

For more information, download our Environmental Land Fund brochure or contact us.

The Conservation Foundation is also compiling a list of caring professionals who will donate the legal, surveying and appraisal services on donated land. To get involved, contact us.



Steve Simmering Fund



Conservation Areas Fund

Gifts to the Conservation Areas Fund helps provide friendly additions so that families can really enjoy and benefit from our network of publicly-owned lands. Things like enough picnic tables, several roomy picnic shelters, sandy well-kept beaches, interpretive programs and educational walks for schoolchildren, safe trails and boardwalk signage to help people enjoy their outdoor experiences.

There are currently 23 parcels of public land totaling about 5,000 acres held in public trust by the Conservation Authority and the Foundation. Eight of these parcels are developed Conservation Areas in the valley. These public lands are used of a number of purposed including forestry, shoreline and wildlife habitat protection and conservation of sensitive landscapes. If we all pitch in, we can maintain the excellent facilities we now have and even build new opportunities with new partners.

For more information, download our Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation Brochure or contact us.

— $100 provides a teacher for a class of 30 kids for a full day of outdoor study
— $500 builds 20 feet of boardwalk along the wet parts of the nature trail$
— $1,000 will keep a beach, play field and nature trail clean and safe all summer.



Land Donation Program

The number of gifts of land to the Conservation Foundation has grown rapidly over the past few years. Most of the lands are ecological gifts that the donor wishes to remain in a natural state for future generations of users. On behalf of the people of the Rideau Valley, we sincerely thank all of the donor families who are making these very thoughtful and generous gifts.Lands donated to the Conservation Foundation include:

— Boucher Property (Becketts Landing)
— Brown Property (Richmond)
— Bula Property (Long Lake)
— Coon Property (Upper Rideau Lake)
— Curtis Property (Rideau River, City of Ottawa)
— Fine Property (Richmond Fen)
— Fournier Property (Merrickville)
— McAlpine Island (Christie Lake)
— McEwen Property (South Frontenac)
— Meisel Woods Conservation Area (Central Frontenac)
— O&Y Property (Sawmill Creek)
— Sister Island Property (Upper Rideau Lake)
— Weiss Property (Upper Rideau Lake)
— Wiseman Property (Tay River)

We are a member of the Canadian Land Trust Alliance and adhere to the Standards and Practices set out in the LT documents. Guiding principles in our land donation program include integrity, perpetual responsibility, and excellence in public service and good governance.

Please contact us to discuss this program and explore the options and benefits of land donation. There is no obligation and no one will contact you unless you request it.



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